A walking guide to discover Pitigliano’s churches, set among the alleys of the Old Town or in a panoramic position, each sacred building tells an ancient story and hosts precious works of art.

Start with the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the main religious building in Pitigliano. Built in a Baroque style, the building houses inside many splendid works, statues of saints, frescoes and paintings. Nearby, the Church of San Rocco, or Santa Maria, is one of the Maremma’s oldest churches. It’s unique in its decoration, bearing the coats of arms of the noble families that once governed Pitigliano, the most imposing of all, that of the Medici family of Florence.

Outside the walls, the church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its simple and harmonious lines is a few kilometres from the village. And finally, the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, beautiful church set between the green of the Maremma countryside and the brown of the tufa rock, with a spectacular view of Pitigliano, especially at night.