pitigliano chiesa di san rocco

Church of San Rocco

The Church of San Rocco, or Santa Maria as the locals call it, is the oldest church in Pitigliano.

Dating back to the 12th-13th centuries, it was rebuilt in the late 1400s. This renovation was commissioned by Count Niccolò III Orsini and entrusted to a local architect, Giovanni da Traù, nicknamed the Dalmation.

The facade of the church is very simple with a gorgeous late-Renaissance style. It’s decorated with four Corinthian style pilasters. The front door is decorated with by a large white marble portal.

The interior of the church is full of frescoes, but what immediately captures your attention are the many coats of arms from the most important families of Pitigliano, including the infamous Medici. The three naves are separated by Ionic style columns.

Chiesa di San Rocco

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