Santuario della Madonna delle grazie pitigliano

Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie

Located just outside Pitigliano, along the Strada Statale 74 Maremmana, the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie has a breathtaking location, on one of the hairpin bends that lead straight to Pitigliano, overlooking the entire valley.

The sanctuary was built in 1400 as a simple country church. It was enlarged only in the following centuries, when it became the residence of a community of Franciscan monks. The friars remained here until the end of the 1700s, and even afterwards, the church continued to be a stop for the pilgrims who worshiped the Madonna delle Grazie.

The Church has a very simple facade with an architraved portal and a triangular tympanum. At the centre of the facade, under the roof, is a large circular rose window. On the right side of the church, you can see the old convent, while to the left is the square bell tower.

Inside the church is lovely and simple affair with a single nave. There’s a small staircase and a handful of Baroque and Mannerist works of art. But as beautiful as the inside is, the real attraction is outside where the sweeping views of Pitigliano and the lovely rose garden will enchant you for hours!

Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie

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