museo civico archeologico pitigliano

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is one of the two museums located inside the Palazzo Orsini.

This museum collects finds from archaeological digs in the areas of Sovana and Poggio Buco between the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s. The most important collection on display is the one donated by Mrs. Adele Vaselli, with pieces coming from a dig she financed in Poggio Buco between 1955 and 1960.

The Archeological Museum of Pitigliano has been part of the Maremma Museums network since 1995.

The museum has six rooms, with two distinct sections:

  • artefacts from the archaeological area of ​​Poggio Buco (the Vaselli Collection). Poggio Buco was a thriving Etruscan city economically and culturally. Fragments of everyday objects, cups, plates, goblets and jugs dating back to the 11th century BC were found, as well as some decorated clay objects from the 8th century BC and a black bucchero vases dating back to 650 BC. These containers were used for mixing wine and transporting water.
  • the other part of the museum is dedicated to the ancient urban area of ​​Pitigliano and the Martinucci collection, donated by the National Museum of Florence. The exhibits are from digs conducted in 1985. These include ceramic fragments dating back to the 17th-11th century BC and include some animal bone fragments and an ax in green stone. There is also an interesting collection of artifacts discovered during World War II bombing of the Piazza della Repubblica, with fragments of pottery and painted clay dating back to the 6th century BC.

Museo Archeologico Pitigliano

Piazza Fortezza Orsini, 59/c – Pitigliano
Tel.: 0564.614067 389.5933592

Opening time

10:00 13:00 – 16:00 20:00

last admission to the visitor half an hour before closing time.

Entrance Tickets

Full ticket € 3.00
Reduced ticket € 2.00