In Pitigliano, time feels like it’s stopped… everything here is simple and genuine, the rhythms are those of the past and the welcome is the traditional one of the Tuscan Maremma, warm! You’ll almost feel at home walking through its streets, getting lost in its alleys, discovering hidden squares and admiring the beauty of its panoramic view.

Pitigliano is an ideal destination for those who love history and art, as well as for those looking for an authentic holiday in a real Tuscan town, removed from mass tourism and awash with artisan boutiques and traditional shops. In the streets of Pitigliano, you can still breathe an atmosphere of simplicity and tranquility.

Everyone knows their neighbours here. The town is small and intimate and the people are always smiling and friendly… the welcome is out of this world!

If you love the idea of getting to know the locals and experiencing a slice of Tuscan life, then a Bed and Breakfast is the perfect choice for your holiday in Pitigliano. There are plenty of small and cozy B&Bs in the Old Town and surrounding area… so you definitely won’t be disappointed!

A B&B in Pitigliano is a great choice if you want something more characteristic than a modern hotel without giving up the pampering of a buffet breakfast prepared from scratch by the locals!