The History of Pitigliano

The territory of Pitigliano has been inhabited since the Etruscan period, it is in this historical period that the first settlements dug in the tufa rock (XII-XI century BC), the necropolis and the imposing Vie Cave roads were built.

The village of Pitigliano itself hosted an Etruscan village, as evidenced by the oldest relics found in the area, which date to the VI-V century BC.

There are important traces, archaeological sites and remains of ancient settlements from the later Roman period.

The first written evidence of the existence of a town called Pitigliano dates back to 1061, when Pitigliano was mentioned in a papal bull from Pope Nicholas II.

In medieval times, the village controlled by the Aldobrandeschi until 1293, the year of the marriage between Anastasia, the last descendant of the Aldobrandeschi, and Romano Orsini, after which Pitigliano passed to the Orsini Counts. The Orsini ruled for about three centuries into the full Renaissance, until the end of the 16th century. In 1574, Niccolò IV Orsini ceded Pitigliano to the Medici family of Florence, placing it under the control of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In 1737, Pitigliano passed to the Lorraine.