Roman Period

Pitigliano’s Roman Period

In the 3rd century A.D. the territory of Vulci was conquered by the Romans and divided into two Prefectures, Saturnia and Statonia. The city of Sovana was instead elevated to the role of City Hall, obtaining control of nearby Pitigliano.

The name of Pitigliano can be traced back to the Roman period. There is a legend that tells the story of two young Romans, Petilio and Celiano, who, fleeing from Rome after the stealing the crown of Jupiter, take refuge on this tufa cliff, founding a city, which took the name of Petiliano.

Beyond the legend, the name of Pitigliano seems to have been derived from that of Gens Petilia, a noble Roman family.

The remains of an ancient bridge that was probably part of the Via Clodia, and the remains of some mosaic floors and Roman tombs in the nearby towns of Pantano-Rimpantoni, Riomaggiore and Selva del Lamone, still survive from the Roman period.