Free Terme Lazio

Free Terme in Lazio

One of the most important thermal basins in Italy is located in Lazio which is, together with a few other Italian regions, one of the main ones in terms of thermalism.

Free natural spas and thermal complexes, throughout the region it is possible to indulge in a day of relaxation and well-being, discovering the beneficial and curative properties of the thermal waters.

The province of Viterbo, in the north of Lazio, is certainly one of the richest in terms of free spas, here are in fact some of the most beautiful in the region, in particular the Terme del Bullicame.

The history of thermalism in Lazio has very ancient origins, the ancient Romans in fact already loved to indulge in regenerating baths in the hot thermal waters of the region, the public baths were also a meeting place, social life and political life for the population.

Among the most beautiful free spas in Lazio there are certainly those in the province of Viterbo, the Terme del Bullicame, the Piscine Carletti and the Terme del Bagnaccio.

TERME DEL BULLICAME: already mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy – XIV canto of the Inferno – the Terme del Bullicame are among the main free spas in the city of Viterbo and in the Upper Tuscia Laziale. The waters of the Bullicame thermal spring in Viterbo are sulphurous-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy, and at the source they have a temperature of 58 ° C. The waters of the Bullicame spring have very important beneficial effects on the skin. more information