Terme di San Casciano

The Terme di Fonteverde, in San Casciano, are one of the thermal excellences of Tuscany. In San Casciano dei Bagni, one of the most famous spa towns in Italy, this elegant spa complex is surrounded by a large park.

The Thermal Baths are the ideal place for a relaxing break, pools of thermal water, hydromassage, hydrotherapy courses and sessions in the water to enjoy the beneficial effects of these thermal waters that are unique in the world at any time.

The thermal pool with a multisensory path, with an external part and an internal part, water beds, hydromassage, a waterfall for a natural massage.

The summer swimming pool, 140 square meters, covered in travertine is exclusively of fresh water.

The Etruscan Path, a path to discover the most authentic relaxation and well-being, sauna, turkish bath, and grotto through a regenerating path for mind and body.

Hydrotherapy Kneipp path, takes advantage of the healing power of water to improve circulation in the lower limbs through the alternation of different temperatures and foot massage thanks to the pebbles set on the bottom of the thermal baths.

Properties of San Casciano thermal waters

The waters of the Terme di Fonteverde di San Casciano were appreciated since ancient times, the Etruscans and Romans already knew their beneficial and curative properties.

The water of San Casciano is rich in sulfur, calcium, fluorine and magnesium, they flow from the source at a surface of 42 ° C.

These waters are very rich in beneficial properties and are particularly suitable for treating problems with the musculoskeletal system, with beneficial effects on the muscular and nervous system, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, beneficial effects on the liver and biliary tract and at the metabolic level. They are particularly indicated in inhalation therapies for the resolution of respiratory problems. When ingested they are particularly effective in treating diseases such as osteoporosis, thanks to their richness in calcium, they are also a natural source of electrolytes. The waters have a natural peeling effect on the skin.

Pool opening times and prices

The pools of the Fonteverde Spa follow these opening hours:

Every day from 9.00 to 19.00

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 20.00

Thermal swimming pool entrance price list:

Daily admission € 22

Afternoon admission € 17

Weekend Saturday, Sunday, holidays and days before holidays (daily) € 27

Aperispa Friday and Sunday € 22

Daily weekday children’s admission € 13

Children’s daily admission on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and the day before holidays € 17

Towel and slippers rental € 4

Rental of sun lounger and umbrella € 4

For more information, visit the official website www.fonteverdespa.com

The village of San Casciano

San Casciano is an enchanting town in the province of Siena, for its part the town has a precious historical and artistic heritage

Collegiate Church of Saints Leonardo and Cassia: probably dating back to the 12th-13th century, as its typically medieval forms recall, the Church is the main one in the town of San Casciano. Remodeled several times over the centuries, the church was raised to the role of collegiate in 1618, inside you can admire the altars, dedicated to Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo, to the Holy Cross and the beautiful High Altar. Very interesting an altarpiece painted by Pietro di Francesco Orioli and depicting the Coronation of the Virgin and Saints, painted in 1490, a wooden choir dating from the seventeenth century, some paintings depicting St. Sebastian, St. Michael the Archangel, The Baptism of Jesus, The Flight into Egypt, The Virgin with Sant, San Bartolomeo.
Oratorio della Concezione: small church with a characteristic gabled roof, with a beautiful fifteenth-century portal in travertine. The interior has a single nave, the ceiling is frescoed with a beautiful scene depicting the Allegory of the Conception, created by Niccolò Circignani.
Oratory of Sant’Antonio: certainly prior to the sixteenth century, this oratory was born as the seat of the Confraternity of Sant’Antonio. Of particular interest are the sixteenth-century portal and the interior, where there is a stoup dating back to 1614, a Baroque-style statue depicting the Assumption, a sculpture depicting the Madonna and Child and the beautiful modern sculptures, made of steel, from Iranian artist Bassiri Bisan.
Palazzo dell’Arcipretura: dating back to 1552 and built by Giulio Parracciani, spread over three levels, the cellars are still the seat of the religious authority of the city today. The palace is famous because in 1769 it hosted the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo.