Pitigliano’s main church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, was probably built around 1276 and was quickly transformed into the cathedral we see today.

Remodeled several times in the following centuries, its original appearance was profoundly modified by a restoration commissioned by Niccolò III Orsini.

In 1845, after the Bishop of Sovana chose Pitigliano as his official residence, the church became a cathedral.

The imposing facade is characterised by four large pilasters. In the middle, a large travertine portal is surmounted by 18th-century stuccoes depicting cherubs supporting the cross. On both sides of the portal are two niches, which house the statue of St Paul on the right and St Peter on the left. On the tympanum is a Carrara marble bas-relief depicting Maria Assunta with Saints Rocco and Francis.

On the left side of the Church stands the bell tower. This was originally a watchtower built to guard the city.


The interior of the church reflects numerous restorations in various periods, especially in the 16th and 18th centuries. The highlight is a 19th century canvas depicting St. Paul of the Cross preaching.

Two statues flank main altar and depict Charity on the left, and Faith on the right. The vault has paintings of the four Evangelists and the Glorious Cross. On either side are two large canvases painted by Pietro Aldi, a famous local artist from nearby Manciano. They depict The Predestination of the young Ildebrando and Henry IV in Canossa and were painted between 1883 and 1885.

In the side niches are statue of San Gregorio VII and a painting depicting the Holy Family by the 20th century painter Francesca Ciacci.

One of our favourite things in the church is the wooden baptismal font from the 1700s, sculpted with images of the Baptism of Jesus, San Giovannino in the desert and San Giovannino with the Lamb. Nearby is a 17th century painting depicting the Madonna del Rosario with Santa Caterina da Siena, San Domenico and San Pio V by Francesco Vannini, a painter from the Sienese school.

St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral
Piazza S. Gregorio VII, 87, 58017 Pitigliano GR
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