Fontana delle Sette Cannelle

This fountain is located in the main square of Pitigliano, the Piazza della Repubblica, just in front of the Palazzo Orsini.

The fountain dates back to 1545 and was commissioned by Count Gianfanco Orsini to complete the construction of the Aqueduct (part of the network was already finished in the mid-16th century but the completion of the hydraulic work would have to wait another century).

The Fountain was called the Fountain of the “Sette Cannelle” or Seven Spouts because during the 18th century, there were 7 working spouts.

The fountain draws water directly from the annexed Medicean Aqueduct. There are 5 arches covered in tufa, the central arch is the highest and is rounded, while the other four, two on each side, are lowered arches. The seven spouts are decorated with fine reliefs dating back to different historical periods, each spout is decorated with the sculpture of an animal head.

At the centre are the five coins of the Medici family. That is their official crest, thought to be a nod to their role as Renaissance bankers, although some say they are pills, indicting that the family started off as pharmacists. Medici means ‘medic’ in Italian.

Fontana delle Sette Cannelle
Piazza della Repubblica, 267, 58017 Pitigliano GR