If you love art, history and unspoiled nature… Pitigliano is the destination for you!

A small town nestled between valleys of tufa rock, Pitigliano is one of the most beautiful town in Italy, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Tuscan Maremma.

Of ancient origin, legend has it that it was founded by two young Romans – Petilio and Celiano. The story mightn’t be so far-fetched, especially if you consider that the area around the town has been inhabited since the Etruscan age and today there are numerous archaeological sites to visit, including the famous Poggio Buco. Other evidence of the Etruscan presence can be seen in impressive Vie Cave, the ancient communication routes excavated by hand in the tufaceous rock by the Etruscans, used as transportation and trade routes, but also as a way to defend their settlements during enemy attacks.

Today Pitigliano is a real treasure trove of ancient buildings, historic buildings, churches and monuments… in the streets of the Old Town, between its narrow alleyways are beautiful attractions like the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Church of Santa Maria, or San Rocco, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Palazzo Orsini, the Medicean Aqueduct, the Fountain of the Seven Cannelle, the Jewish Ghetto with its Synagogue, the Forno delle Azzime bakery, Cellar, the Kosher Butcher and the Jewish Cemetery.

Its museums are must sees too. There’s the Archaeological Museum and the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, as well as the A.Manzi Outdoor Archaeological Museum.

If you love freedom and independence while on holiday, then the best solution for your stay in Pitigliano could be a holiday house. These small apartments in the Old Town or more spacious options in the surrounding countryside are a great choice for families of independent travellers who would to live the Tuscan lifestyle, if only for a little while.

A holiday in an Apartment in Pitigliano is a great way to experience the town and the surrounding areas, especially if you have your own car or are travelling in a group.