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Kosher Cellar

One of the Jewish ghetto’s most interesting buildings, the Kosher Cellar was and is where Pitigliano’s kosher wine is still produced.

The Cellar is divided into two levels. The production plant is on the bottom level, while the top level is where the wine is aged.

As well as marvel at the ancient tools and barrels and learn about the kosher technique, you can also buy some of Pitigliano’s kosher wine.For wine to be considered kosher, only Sabbath-observant Jews may handle it, from crushing until the bottles are sealed or the wine is pasteurized.

The two types of kosher wine produced in Pitigliano are:

ROSSO KASHER: produced from Sangiovese grapes, with an intense aroma and notes of red berry fruits. The taste is fruity and persistent. Alcohol 12.5%
BIANCO KASHER: produced with Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia grapes, with a fine aroma with hints of fruit and white flowers. The taste is fresh, of apple. Alcohol 13%

For more information: www.lapiccolagerusalemme.it