Alleys, Squares and Stairs

The village of Pitigliano is a labyrinth of narrow streets, alleys and hidden squares… just a few steps through the streets of its Old Town and you’ll be surrounded by ancient houses, breathtaking panoramic views and characteristic flowered terraces in every season of the year!

Every corner of Pitigliano is home to ancient history and local legends, tufo rock houses, the narrow flights of stairs and arches, the ancient Jewish Ghetto, where you can discover Jewish traditions by visiting the Synagogue, the Cellar and the Kasher Macelleria, the ritual bath and the unleavened bread oven.

The best way to explore Pitigliano is to wander its streets and be captured by the beauty and uniqueness of this town that, not surprisingly, has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The Medici family in Pitigliano

The Medici of Florence came to power in the County of Pitigliano following the revolt of the population of 1562 during which Count Niccolò IV Orsini was expelled, and they became owners of the county in all respects in 1604.

Once ownership of the county was obtained, the Medici asked for and obtained imperial protection over Pitigliano in 1608, thus protecting themselves from the expansionist aims of Philip III of Spain and the Papal State. Nevertheless, the Papal State always represented a threat to the county of Pitigliano and in 1643 there was a conflict with the pontiff’s troops, defeating them in the battle near the Casone.

Despite having supported the race for power, the population never had that social and economic improvement so desired by the Medici, the distance of the county from Florence and the feudal system still in vogue, led to a profound economic decline for Pitigliano, causing impoverishment forcing part of the population to emigrate.

From the point of view of public works, however, credit must be given to the Medici for having created the imposing Medici Aqueduct, for the water supply to the city of Pitigliano, the works were completed in 1639.