Bianco di Pitigliano

The wines produced in Pitigliano are among the most famous in the Tuscan Maremma.

The Cantina Sociale di Pitigliano and the numerous local vineyards produce excellent wines, white and red, following the specification for DOC and IGT. Some vineyards have gone on to win numerous international and national awards.

The wines of Pitigliano are produced with grapes grown exclusively in the territory, the municipalities of the province of Grosseto.


The Cantina Sociale di Pitigliano is the main point of sale for Pitigliano’s wines.

With a history of over 50 years, Pitigliano’s co-op winery is responsible for the production of excellent wines, white and red, in particular the Bianco di Pitigliano DOC and the Rosso Sovana DOC. The wines produced by the winery have been mentioned in the Gambero Rosso and Luca Maroni wine guides and won important international awards. The Cantina Sociale di Pitigliano produces a great variety of Tuscan wines:

  • Rosso Toscano IGT GranTosco Rosso
  • Rosso Toscano IGT Pitiglio
  • Rosso Maremma Toscana IGT Rosso Bio
  • Bianco di Pitigliano Superiore IGT Ildebrando
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Gran Tosco Bianco
  • Rosso Toscano IGT Kasher
  • Sovana Superiore DOC Vignamurata Riserva
  • Vino Liquoroso IGT Gregorio VII
  • Vino Spumante Aldobrandesco Brut
  • Bianco di Pitigliano DOC Gli Archi
  • Sovana Superiore DOC Vignamurata Sangiovese
  • Grappa IGT Grappa del Fauno
  • Vino Spumante Aldondrandesco Dry
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Viognier
  • Rosso Toscano IGT Novello
  • Bianco di Pitigliano DOC Bianco di Pitigliano
  • Sovana Superiore DOC Vignamurata Merlot
  • Rosso Toscano IGT Rosso di Toscana
  • Rosso Maremma Toscana IGT Aleatico
  • Bianco Frizzante Toscano IGT Trecò
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Vermentino
  • Sovana DOC Vignamurata
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Vermentino
  • Bianco Maremma Toscan IGT Bianco BIO
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Kasher
  • Bianco Toscano IGT Duropersico

the wine

The Bianco di Pitigliano DOC is certainly the best known wine in Pitigliano, produced by the Cantina Sociale di Pitigliano from grapes sourced all over Grosseto.

The DOC – denomination of controlled origin – Bianco di Pitigliano is reserved exclusively for the following white wines: THE BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO, BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO SUPERIORE, BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO SPUMANTE AND BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO VIN SANTO.

The Bianco di Pitigliano DOC wines must be produced exclusively using the vines specified (the vines must also be registered in the National Register of Wine Grape Varieties). These include the Trebbiano Toscano (between 40% and 100%) and varieties of the Greco variety, long white Malvasia, Verdello, Grechetto, Ansonica, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Viognier, Italic Riesling and Pinot Blanc (from 0 to 60%).

The territories of production include the municipalities of Pitigliano and Sorano, Scansano, with the exception of the western part of the municipality, and Manciano, with the exception of the western part.

To obtain the denomination of controlled origin, the wines must adhere to these strict characteristics:

BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO : straw yellow colour. Fine and delicate aroma. Dry, lively, fresh, medium-bodied. Minimum alcohol content 11%. Minimum acidity 4.5 g / l.

BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO SUPERIORE : straw yellow colour. Fine and delicate aroma. Fresh, dry, soft and medium-bodied. Minimum alcohol content 12%. Minimum acidity 4.5 g / l.

BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO SPUMANTE : straw-coloured with green highlights. Delicate aroma. Dry, lively and sour taste. Persistent foam. Minimum alcohol content 11.5%. Minimum acidity 5 g / l.

BIANCO DI PITIGLIANO VIN SANTO : straw yellow or amber or brown. Warm aroma. Flavour from dry to sweet, velvety, embracing. Minimum alcohol content 16%. Minimum acidity 4.5 g / l