The suggestion Pitigliano at night

One of the most beautiful experiences to do in Pitigliano is certainly to stop and admire the village from the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, just outside the town.

Coming from Manciano, along the SR74, arrived at the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, the show is breathtaking, Pitigliano at night, illuminated only by the artificial lights and lights placed at the base of the tufa rock, create a play of light and shadows absolutely unique in the its kind …

An exceptional view that combines the nature and landscape of the Tufo Area, with the historic buildings of the town, up to the oldest houses, the cellars dug directly into the tuff … at night the village of Pitigliano seems to be suspended in the void, supported from a mystical strength, admiring it from afar is an experience that you cannot miss! You will seem to admire a fairytale place, where time has stopped, a small magical village, dominated by the imposing bell tower of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and with the unforgettable Medici Aqueduct, with its imposing tuff arches and in the background Palazzo Orsini, the ancient residence of the Orsini family who ruled over Pitigliano for about three centuries, from 1300 to 1600.

Admiring Pitigliano at sunset when the lights of the day give way to the colors of the twilight, is by far one of the most beautiful experiences to do during a journey to discover the villages of the Tufo Area, the town is transformed into a nativity scene and all suddenly seems to stop … a photo is a ritual, there is no other place in the world with the same charm and capable of arousing the same emotions!